Getting A Remote Job Is Easier Than It Sounds

Men, women and college students may be looking for ways to earn extra money. Depending on other jobs they may have, working outside the home as they try to earn more money may not be an option. This leaves work-from-home jobs, or freelance work.


Upwork is a website that helps companies and individuals to hire freelancers who are looking for additional work. At this company, the freelancer can complete a wide range of work for their clients:
  • Writing
  • Proofreading/editing
  • Website development
  • Mobile development
  • Graphic design


This website is another good resource for someone looking for extra earning opportunities. Textbroker articles are more often similar to the language used in press releases. That is, they highlight a company’s strong points and services. Writers can expect to write in topics such as:
  • Health
  • Automobiles
  • Children and Families
  • Politics
  • Press Releases
  • Law
  • Hobbies
  • Travel
  • Weddings
  • Finance
Writers wanting to improve their money management habits can get a head start by earning a few extra dollars a week here. Speaking of “finance” as a topic, the right writers could actually make a few dollars writing about the latest money craze: Decentralized currency, which is any topic having to do with nontraditional funds, such as bitcoin or ethereum. While this trend is still new, people should learn as much as possible about this topic.


Writers providing copy for FreelanceMom are more likely to be women who have families—although this is not a requirement. However, having this experience will certainly help a writer here to enrich her articles with more experience and authority. This site looks for case studies as well as individual stories about parenting from a mom’s perspective. The website has specific submission guidelines that are spelled out on the website page. Originality, actionable advice and tips are must-haves. A “20-to-30-minute action plan” is also required. This can take the form of tools, questions to consider or “how-to” steps. The site pays between $75 and $100 for each submission that is accepted for publication.

Cooking Detective

Foodies, product review writers and food bloggers should seriously consider writing for Cooking Detective. The site, as its name suggests, is strongly related to cooking. This includes:
  • Cooking products
  • Courses
  • Tips to use
  • How-to guides
  • Expert round-ups
  • Product reviews

Healthy Living

Health-related articles are posted on this site. Healthy Living reviews each submission and strives to notify authors that their articles will be published. Writers find out within six business days whether their work has been accepted. One non-negotiable item: Every article must be completely original and exclusive to the site. Once published, each article is the property of Healthy Living and articles will be edited at the discretion of the site’s editors.


At Upworthy, stories that offer hope for a better world are accepted. Writers wishing to be published here are required to pitch their article’s topic. Editors want to see shareable, surprising, visual or meaningful stories—those that lodge in readers’ hearts and minds. Each story should be less than 500 words, but Unworthy is open to longer works. Rates for articles of this length are “fair,” but not made public. The author also gets paid bonuses for distribution and traffic.

Funds For Writers

This site accepts submissions that fall between 500 and 600 words. Each newsletter features one short article that quickly makes its point. Because the newsletter’s main focus is on contests, awards, markets and grants for writers, this is necessary. Writers should choose every word carefully, weeding out passive voice. The guidelines ask for a beginning, middle and end to each submission. Every topic should be about earning a living as a writer. Desired topics include:
  • how to win writing contests
  • breaking into a specific market
  • success stories with ideas
  • how to develop an income by writing
  • success stories on winning grants
  • unique writing markets
  • profitable writing-related business practices
  • humor and a happy ending
Links to writing markets earns an article an extra look. Text-speak is heavily discouraged. Writing in all caps is not allowed. Include a bio and an introduction. Give readers tips they can use. A writer with an online presence is highly preferred. Good English and grammar are highly desired. Stay within word counts.

Refinery 29

Refinery 29 (R29) actively seeks men and women who are experts in a range of topics. Those who are may become regular Refinery 29 contributors. Some topics found on the site: Extreme bargain shopping College students who want to write about campus style and life with roommates Residents of South Korea who are obsessed with beauty, makeup trends, K-Pop phenomenon and skin-care tips Refinery 29 states that it brings the most surprising pieces of advice and the latest news to its readers.

The Freelancer by Contently

This website is strongly writing contractor-related, with articles that show readers/writers how to successfully land a subsequent assignment from a new client, ideas about impressing editors and even articles that target writers in specific niches, such as the law or education. Freelancers would do well to sign up to receive The Freelancer in their inboxes. Every e-newsletter is loaded with information.


Cosmopolitan is also “Cosmo.” Its website posts a page where would-be contributors can provide their information for possible submission. Each freelance article earns $100 for its writer. The webform is easy to navigate and fill out. Writers can submit their articles directly in this form, then email it.