Is Your Car Paid Off?

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Most people naturally assume you cannot be approved for a loan unless you are currently employed. This may be true in some circumstances; however, it doesn’t necessarily apply in the case of vehicle title loans. Car title lenders don’t operate the same way bank lenders do, and they even approve title loans without proof of income. Banks rely on good credit scores and income information to confirm whether you would likely repay a loan. On the other hand, title lenders are concerned with the value of your vehicle you’ll be pledging to secure your loan and not whether you are currently employed. If you have ample equity in your vehicle, you could easily qualify for title loans for unemployed with Texas Approval for thousands of dollars. Securing car title loans with vehicle titles allows us to help all sorts of folks in need of quick cash like those who are unemployed, working part-time, retirees, people living on a pension and even those who are self-employed. If you own a car, truck or motorcycle and hold a clear title, you could be approved for quick cash today.


What Are Vehicle Title Loans?

Essentially, vehicle title loans are short-term loans for consumers that are in the market for a fast loan. You simply offer the title to your vehicle as security for quick cash. When your loan has been paid off, your title is returned. Loan amounts are dependent upon the condition and value of your vehicle offered as security. Older vehicles may qualify for a few hundred dollars, and newer vehicles with fewer miles in relatively good condition could qualify for as much as $4,000 dollars.

You’ll work closely with a loan specialist through the entire loan process who will qualify you for a loan and help you to select the best loan repayment plan for your financial needs.


Qualifying for Auto Title Loans

Undoubtedly, it may be easier to qualify for a loan with a source of income, but it doesn’t mean you can’t qualify for title loans without proof of income. For instance, if you’re in between jobs at the moment, you are likely receiving unemployment benefits, which can easily be accepted as proof of income. Besides, you can still qualify using the equity in your auto.

Most people don’t realize the broad scope of acceptable income sources that can be utilized for qualifying. Listed below are just a few examples of acceptable income sources used to qualify applicants:

• Income from a full-time or part-time job.
• Social Security benefits.
• Disability benefits.
• Pension income.
• Business income.
• Alimony income.
• Unemployment benefits.
• Self-employment income.
• Commission income.
• Various retirement income sources and more.


Credit Concerns

Trying to get a loan at most places with poor credit or no defined credit history can be a problem. However, that isn’t a concern for applicants applying for car title loans. You see, credit doesn’t determine whether you are approved for a title loan because we don’t pull credit checks. Pulling credit reports only slows down the loan approval process, and in some cases, it may disqualify borrowers that have every intention of making their payments.

Instead of credit checks, we rely on customers to pledge their vehicle titles to secure loans. These loans allow more people to qualify, and you’ll likely receive a higher loan amount with a better interest rate.


Requirements to Meet Loan Approval

We know people are busy with work and raising families, so we only ask for a small amount of title loan information to apply for vehicle title loans. If you meet these three requirements, we encourage you to complete our short online application. You’ll need:

1. Proof that you are at least 18 or older to legally obtain a loan in Texas. You can use your state identification card or your driver’s license as proof of your age.

2. A vehicle in running condition. We can accept a number of cars, trucks and motorcycles in various models, ages and conditions, so long as they are drivable.

3. The title to your vehicle or motorcycle offered as collateral. You’ll want to locate your title to verify that it lists you as the legal owner and does not show any liens against the vehicle or motorcycle.


Applying for Quick Cash Loans

We’re pretty sure you’ll be delighted with our short online application form that takes no more than five minutes to complete. We require your contact and vehicle information listed below to begin the loan process:

• Your full name, phone number and zip code.
• The make, model, body style, age of your vehicle or motorcycle and a mileage estimate.


Obtaining the Best Possible Loan Terms

Texas Approval works on behalf of all our clients to secure the best possible loan terms. Once you complete your phone consultation with a professional loan specialist, we check our network of lenders to match your needs to a lender that can deliver. We take care of all the paperwork, and you’ll enjoy the benefits of an affordable repayment plan.


How the Loan Process Works

• Complete an online application.

• Review your free loan estimate delivered within hours of applying.

• Meet with a loan specialist to discuss qualifying and choose an affordable repayment plan.

• Read and sign your loan contract, which meets state car title loan regulations.

• Meet collateral requirements by turning in your paper car title.

• Collect your cash to spend on anything.

• Begin making car title loan payments according to the due dates listed in your repayment schedule.


Title Loan Advantages for Borrowers

Instant Cash

Taking out a car title loan is a great way to get a cash advance for your pink slip. Using the equity in your car or truck makes it easy to get cash when you really need financial help.

Your Loan Funds

Once you are approved and your loan is funded, these are your funds to do with as you please. You can spend the money to make repairs around the house, cover medical emergencies, make home upgrades or take a short vacation. You are in charge of how you’ll spend your money, and you’ll never be asked why you want a loan.

Fast Loan Pay Outs

It isn’t unusual for many lenders to take weeks before customers ever receive their loan funds. However, Texas Approval takes great pride in being able to pay out loans fast. We stay on top of our loans and see to it that every single approved borrower receives their loan funds within 24 hours of applying.

Keep Your Car

There are a few lenders that feel the need to impound vehicles during the loan period. However, we don’t feel that is appropriate. In all likelihood, your vehicle is probably your primary source of transportation, and we don’t want to inconvenience you by holding your vehicle. If you are making your payments according to your contract, you are free to continue using your vehicle any time you want to go somewhere.

We’re Just a Call Away

If you have questions or concerns give us a call. We have a full staff on hand to explain the loan process and answer questions.

Whether you want title loans without proof of income or the best possible rates, check out online title loans today.