Is Your Car Paid Off?

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Auto title loans are one of the better ways you can find cash when you're in short supply without having to go down to the local pawn shops and give up your items, or going into the bank to take out either a secured or unsecured loan. The truth is banks have made it much more difficult to qualify for loans because they usually require borrowers to have good credit scores, great income, and fill in paperwork about what they intend to use the loan for. They also usually don't offer loans for small dollar amounts. While credit unions have started changing these practices, even they usually have requirements that you may not meet.

Our title loans in San Marcos are a better option for taking out a loan when you need it because if you have a car that you own, you can use it to get cash. Title loans are secured loans, but instead of giving up driving your vehicle and having it held for collateral, your title is held as collateral and you can keep driving your vehicle until the loan is repaid. The great thing about our title loans is you don't have state on the application what you intend to use them for.


The Application Process For Title Loans San Marcos

Whether you live in the San Marcos vicinity or nearby Austin metro area, our Austin title loan application is simple to get through and you'll find out very quickly whether or not you'll be approved for a title loan. The first step is to find out how much you might qualify for by filling out our application and the fields you'll be filling out include information about the following:

  • Vehicle make
  • Vehicle model
  • Vehicle year
  • Mileage

Note that you quote you receive based on this information you entered may not be the final amount one of our lenders gives to you. But once you do fill it out, you'll be contacted and directed to one of our title loans in San Marcos lenders who will then check your vehicle and take you through the final steps.


Laws About Title Loans San Marcos

Just as with other loans, there are laws that lenders and borrowers in San Marcos have to follow to comply with state and federal regulations. You have to be 18 years of age or older to take out a title loan and you have to own your vehicle outright with no liens on the title. To verify your age and Texas residency, you will be asked to present a valid state or government-issued photo ID prior to obtaining your loan. You also may have to take your title down to the DMV first to erase any liens on it that have been paid off. Note that laws do allow for Texas car title loan repossession if you do not make your payments as scheduled, so please make sure you've read and understand all the fine print on these matters on the documents you sign.


Other Ways Title Loans Can Help You

Title loans will not negatively impact your credit score when you apply for them, and you can have excellent, good, poor or even bad credit to get one. Because your vehicle title is being pledged as collateral, there are even jobless title loans available if you currently lack employment or a steady stream of income. But note that it may make your loan application process easier if you do have a source of income, and you may want to contact the lender to verify you can still get your loan if unemployed. If you're ready to get your title loan, you can start our free title loan application and be on your way to getting your hands on the cash you need.