Is Your Car Paid Off?

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The words financial and distress should never go together, but for many people, the two words are inseparable. Week after week, month after month, these folks live paycheck to paycheck and struggle to make ends meet. What they need is a lump sum of cash to help them catch up on bills or pull them out of a money pit. Where can you find that kind of money? It's easy to come by with title loans in Texas.

Understanding Title Loans San Antonio

What is a title loan, you wonder? Well, title loans in San Antonio, TX are easy to understand. You want or need money, so you willingly pledge your car as loan collateral. Not paying back the money could mean vehicle forfeiture, so you are taking on all the risk of the loan. Because of that, title lenders are more than willing to provide you the cash you need. And, they do it without a credit check. Basing the loans on collateral makes your credit score irrelevant. Why is that important? Because many people have low credit scores, which means they are rejected by traditional lenders when applying for a loan. When you apply to get a car title loan in New Braunfels and San Antonio, TX, you will never be rejected because of your credit history. So, how do you get the loan? You need to be at least 18, own the vehicle used as collateral, and you need a job or some type of income.

How to Apply for Title Loans San Antonio, TX

Applying for a loan has never been easier thanks to the streamlined system we've put in place. You can apply online whenever it's convenient for you, which means you don't have to wait for a loan office to open up. Getting cash is faster and easier that way. When applying, just type in your name and contact info, as well as the make, model and other details about your car. Submit that, and we give you an instant loan quote. Right away, you know how much money could be yours. We'll call you after sending the loan quote, and together we finalize the loan.

Legal Guidelines

After the original loan term expires, borrowers may renew their loan. Borrowers get up to five renewals. Interest charges may not be more than 10 percent. Loan amounts are not limited. Lenders should be licensed by the state of Texas, and they are not limited in loan fee charges. Loan default could result in vehicle repossession.


Benefits of a car title loan in Texas include getting funding when you're in need, even when your credit isn't the best. Instead of dismissing your application because your credit score isn't what's considered good, we allow you to use your car as collateral. And, after we give you the money, we let you keep the car while you pay off the loan. All we need to hold is the vehicle title certificate. • With our instant loan quote, you know from the beginning how much money you could receive. That way you know if what we're offering will meet your needs or if you'll need additional help. Since loans are based on your car's value, our offer is probably going to do the trick. • Most people get their cash the same day they put in an application. • Use the loan money for anything you want. Some lenders question why you want a loan and what you'll spend the money on before deciding whether or not you get the cash. With title loans San Antonio, it's your money and your business, so we don't ask.