Is Your Car Paid Off?

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If you're pinching pennies to get through the usual end-of-month bills, you might look to a trusted friend or family member to pitch in and make ends meet for you. Unfortunately, there isn't always that benefit to count on, and selling your possessions can be a time-consuming endeavor with little reward in the end. What should you do when you need to pull money from nowhere to keep the roof over your head?

Title loans Sachse provide bigger loans than payday, a smaller APR than cash advance, and don't require the credit check that unsecured personal loans do. You could have up to tens of thousands in your hands within hours by temporarily signing over the title to any motorized vehicle that you own. The title is merely used as collateral and isn't modified in any way, and after you've finished paying us off, you'll receive it back in mint condition.

One of the first questions about title loans that many have is, "What about my car? Will I still be able to drive to work?" The answer is yes! We don't own the vehicle that's listed on the title, so you may still drive it as usual while you have a title loan out.


Ultra-Simple Application

Unlike other loan companies, you can apply for title loans Sachse online with only these details about yourself:

1. The make, model and mileage of the vehicle
2. Name
3. Phone number
4. ZIP code

Typically, we try to get back to you at the provided number within 15 minutes. When we call you, we'll present a title loan quote and ask for proof of your income and identity. The income figures are required as a legal step in the process of ensuring that you can pay the loan back on time, and as such, we're expected by law to use this information to draw up how large or small of a loan you'll be able to take out and over what period of payment. The mileage and condition of the vehicle in question will also factor into how much money we'll allow you to take out in the loan.


Legal Protection

Texas law is incredibly strict on lending companies like ours. There's little actual pressure on the client him or herself, who is only required to provide basic information in order to get the ball rolling on their end. Here are a few of the basic laws that our company must follow when issuing title loans Sachse:

1. There's nothing usual about usury. No lender in the state of Texas is given any reason in any situation where they're allowed to push your APR over 10%. Doing so is a felony known as usury.

2. Our representatives also represent the government. There's a legal process that our agents have to endure in order to possess the skills and certification required to help you get the money you need.

3. We can't repossess what isn't ours. Your vehicle isn't going to be reclaimed unless you've exceeded the 30-day delinquency period wherein a refinance or pay-off would be required to avoid repossession.

Forget the Rest — Lend With the Best
If you don't live in Sachse, that's okay! You can also get title loan in Garland and a number of other cities in Texas with our help. We hope we've helped you learn more about title loans, and with that said, let's cover those awesome benefits one more time:

1. Breathe-Easy Application
2. Five-Figure Loan Deposit
3. Delivery in Under a Day
4. Relaxed Financing Plans
5. Unbeatable Interest Rates