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Get Out of Financial Trouble with Title Loans Round Rock

Although the goal is to have an emergency fund large enough to handle any sudden expenses, sometimes you end up with bills that you don’t have the money to pay. If you have to make a payment immediately, then you need a loan that you can get today, and that’s where title loans Round Rock are just what you need. You can receive approval on the loan as long as you own your car, and bad credit is no problem.

There are all kinds of ways you can use your title loan, because the lender doesn’t put any requirements on you as far as that is concerned. You could pay for a car repair, buy a replacement home appliance, cover some past-due bills or whatever else you need. How you use your loan money is your call.


Applying for Title Loans Round Rock Online

Our goal at Texas Approval was to make it as easy as possible to get title loan in Austin. We created our simple online application for title loans Round Rock for that reason. The entire application usually takes less than 30 seconds. You can find the form here on our site, and first, you’ll need to enter the following car info:
• Year
• Make
• Model
• Approximate Mileage

The only other items you’ll need to enter are the following basic pieces of contact info:
• Your full name
• Your phone number
• Your ZIP code

We’ll then provide you with a free title loan estimate, which we calculate using your car’s info to come up with its current market value, under the assumption that it’s in good condition. One of our helpful title loan reps will contact you at their earliest convenience to go over getting a title loan and provide the location of a lender near you.


How Title Loan Work in Texas

Although the federal government requires that all title loan borrowers are 18 or older, that’s it as far as federal title loan regulations go. Other than that, states set their own title loan laws. Here’s the relevant info about title loans in Texas:

The state hasn’t set a cap on title loan amounts, but it does limit interest on Texas title loans to 10 percent. There isn’t a cap on the fees accompanying a title loan.

The only term limit is a maximum length of 180 days. Most lender go with the standard 30 days, since title loans are short-term loans. You can extend a loan for another term if necessary.

Failure to pay your title loan is a default. If that happens, the lender can perform a Texas car title loan repossession, and then sell your car.


Title Loan Benefits

The most significant benefit of a title loan is that you can get one very quickly and easily. You won’t need to go through your financial documents or bring all kinds of paperwork, as you only need your ID, your car and its title. Since the lender won’t run a credit check, you can get a title loan even with poor credit.

Your title loan won’t make life inconvenient for you, because you’ll still have your car while you’re paying back what you borrowed. The lender will only have your car title as collateral, and once you’ve paid what you owe, you get that back. Being able to renew your loan is also convenient when you are low on money and need more time to pay it off.