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The Way To Apply For Title Loans In Prosper, TX

Maybe you've come across a situation where money is just not there when you need it to be. Sometimes no matter how hard you try, the unexpected in life comes up such as illness that causes you to miss work days, a storm that comes through and damages areas of your home or even just an insurance payment you forgot about. You might get discouraged when that happens and you can't take out a loan at the bank. If you can't take out an emergency loan at the credit union, are ineligible for a credit card or have other roadblocks that are making your situation difficult, you might want to try our car title loans in Prosper, TX.

If you've never heard of Texas title loans before, you'll be surprised at just how straightforward they are. You need to own a vehicle to get a title loan in the Prosper or McKinney general area, but it doesn't take much to be approved for one. You simply surrender the vehicle's title to the lender and you'll get the cash to use when you need it. Our application and pre-approval process doesn't take long to get McKinney car title loans.

How You Apply For Car Title Loans Prosper, TX

Our title loan process starts out by giving you an estimate for the maximum amount you might be eligible for. But it isn't a guarantee since your vehicle will have to be inspected and appraised to qualify for the actual amount. But you can fill in the following fields on our application to get an idea of what the loan will be:

  • Vehicle Make & Model
  • Vehicle Year
  • Vehicle's Closest Mileage

The loan amount will generally be a fraction of the vehicle's current value, and the newer it is and less mileage it has, the more you'll be approved for. We'll be contacting you to help you find a title loan lender in the McKinney area near you, and once you understand your loan's terms and conditions you'll be on your way to receiving your funds.

Laws About Title Loans Prosper, TX You Need To Know

The requirements set forth by most lenders to be approved for title loans in Prosper are pretty simple, but there are state and local laws you have to be aware of. You will need to have a government photo ID that will usually be your driver's license, but could also be a military ID or passport. You'll need that to prove the following:

  • You are 18 years of age or older
  • You reside permanently in the state of Texas

Your vehicle title will need to have no liens on it. If you no longer are making payments on your vehicle and completely own it but your title still shows a lien on it, you can usually take it down to the DMV and have that lien removed from it. You should also be aware of laws regarding defaults on your loan payments as well as how you could get your money back from title loans if they have violated state or local codes. You can find out more information at the Texas State Law Library.

Other Reasons Title Loans Are Good

You don't have to stop driving your vehicle or surrender it over to the lender when you take out a loan. You just simply hand over the title but can keep driving the vehicle to wherever you need to go. You also don't need to have clear credit history to get a title loan because it is completely secured by your vehicle's value and has no credit check involved. For more information on how to get a title loan in Prosper, visit our FAQ page.