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Title Loans Portland, Texas

If you're on this page, you probably have at least a passing interest about title loans. You're not alone. These lesser known loans of the fast cash world are often misunderstood and unfairly overlooked as a viable way to pay off emergency debts. While it's true that you use your car as collateral to obtain title loans in Portland, you never forfeit the use of your car. While you're repaying a title loan, you'll still have the full use of your car, no worries.

The brief process

  1. Apply for the loan
  2. Get your loan estimate
  3. Speak with a loan specialist
  4. Agree to the repayment terms
  5. Get your loan the next day

That's a happy, brief process. Many people are now opening their minds to these loans because they truly are a quick, safe way to get money you need in a financial emergency. A Corpus Christi title loan application or one in Portland can be the beginning of a brand new life for the person who needs cash quick.

Application For Title Loans Portland, Texas

The application is a simple one. Title loans in Portland, Texas begin with the brief application that asks you for your basic contact information and car information. Once we've received the basic information about your car, we can give you an automated loan estimate that will help you determine if the loan amount meets your current needs. Not everyone will be satisfied with the amount. If you aren't, speaking with one of our helpful loan specialists will let you know if there is any possibility of obtaining a higher amount. If you have old car title loans that weren't repaid, you might also have to speak with someone in order to make your situation more understood and see if there's anything that can help you qualify for a loan.

Legal regulations about Texas Title Loans

The state of Texas is very protective of its citizens. The legislature has enacted rules and regulations to govern title loan lending. We abide by every law of the great state of Texas and go above and beyond to make sure that our loan terms are clear, concise, and fair to our borrowers. After all, you are coming to us because you need a fast loan for financial emergencies. It's our job to make your life easier, not harder.

Texas restricts title loan renewals to only 5 times. It's crucial to budget out your next few months before taking out one of these loans. While interest rates are capped at 10% in Texas, these are still higher interest loans than regular bank loans. What the additional interest pays for is the speed and ease of approval, putting money in your hands quickly and giving you the cash you need to take care of other financial obligations.

Benefits Of Car Title Loans

The benefits of a car title loan generally outweigh the downsides. While the interest rates on these loans may be higher, they have been regulated so that they are as fair as they can be given the circumstances. What you get is a loan based on your car's value. This means we don't have to do a long credit check and income history for you to grant you approval. It's the speed that makes the car title loan so appealing to borrowers.

Main benefits

  • Get money while still driving your car
  • Get cash in your hand the next day
  • Repay in a short amount of time and remain eligible for other loans
  • No credit check
  • No income validation

That's a long list of title loan perks. These benefits continue each and every time you take out a title loan. While most people will prefer to take out these loans simply to get a large amount of money at once for financial crisis, some people do take out these loans for their wants, too. For example, if your furniture has been ruined and you have family coming over for a brief stay, you might want to go ahead and buy the furniture with a title loan now. This is perfectly okay IF you're certain that you will have enough money to pay off the title loan in 6 months or less. Being respectful to our clients during the repayment process is one of our golden rules.