Is Your Car Paid Off?

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Are you the diligent type who is always prepared and puts money into an emergency fund every time you get paid? Maybe you're more like the three-fourths of Americans living paycheck to paycheck who intend to set aside money for emergencies. Many never do. That money sure would be nice when an unexpected expense arises, but if you don't have it, you still have options. Title loans Midlothian are one of the easiest ways to grab fast cash when have an urgent financial need.

What are Title Loans Midlothian?

Title loans Midlothian aren't hard to understand, so if you want to learn more about title loans, read on. All you do is pledge your vehicle as loan collateral to get the cash. Make sure the car, truck or other vehicle you put up for the loan is actually your property and your name is the listed owner on the title. That title goes to the lender while you're paying back the money, and it should be lien-free. Other application requirements include you being at least 18 and having a paycheck from work or another income stream. Other sources could be alimony, retirement benefits or other types of income. What you don't need is a credit check to validate whether you are worthy of receiving financial help. Other lenders rely on credit checks for that, but we rely on collateral. Meet our collateral and other qualifications, and you should expect to get your loan approved.

Applying for Title Loans Midlothian

Once you know how to qualify for the money, you might be wondering the specifics of how to get a title loan. Start with the application. You will likely never find a simpler application than the one we have online for title Loans Midlothian. Give us your vehicle specs, its mileage and your name and contact information. As soon as that reaches us, you'll get an instant loan estimate. With other types of loans, you won't know how much you're approved for or if you're approved at all until the lender finishes processing everything. When you get our estimate, it's our way of saying you're already approved. After you get the estimate, you'll get a call from a friendly and experienced loan agent. There is no pressure to accept our offer, but it should be enough to deal with your current money crisis. Choose to move forward, and we'll work out a final loan package. Your loan payments are set up, your questions are answered, and we get more specific about your income and vehicle. Before the day is over, you could very well have the money you applied for.

Legal Regulations

  • Interest is limited to 10 percent.
  • Loan amounts are limited by the state.
  • Loans may be renewed up to five times.
  • Lenders need a state-issued license to operate.
  • Borrowers may lose their collateralized vehicle if their debt is not repaid.


  • Quick and easy applications.
  • Processing a final loan package is quick.
  • You could get the loan money in less than a day. Most people do.
  • There is no issue with bad credit. Consider our offer a bad credit loan, which means you can get approved with no problem.
  • We offer loan renewals. If you can't pay us back during the first loan term, ask about a renewal to get more time.
  • Keep your car while making loan payments.
  • Get more money, more time to pay it back and lower interest rates with loans based on your car title in Waxahachie and Midlothian than what you'd get with cash advances or payday loans.
  • Your information is safe with us because we operate discreetly.