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Title Loans Mercedes, Texas

Our title loans in Mercedes are quick to apply for, fast to receive, and amazingly fair to repay. A title loan is a loan that uses your car's title as collateral for the loan. Since you are willing to risk your car to obtain the loan, this keeps us from having to go through the normally long process of approving you for a loan. Bank loans can take weeks to finally clear and be paid out.

Harlingen car title loans and title loans in Mercedes are designed to meet a very specific need: Quick cash for bad credit borrowers. Imagine being approved for a large sum of money without needing a good credit rating. That's the kind of service that we happily offer to our customers.

Application For Title Loans Mercedes, Texas

The application is simple. You use basic contact information and car information to let us know your car's value. Our loan estimate will let you know if we are able to offer you enough financial assistance to meet your needs. Once you've been approved for a specific loan amount, we contact you to answer your questions and give you more details about our title loans in Mercedes and surrounding areas. Our loans are ideal for people who:

  • Need money for debts
  • Have bad credit and need a loan
  • Want to get a loan but don't want to give up property

That last one is important. When you take out a loan on your car title, you DON'T have to give up possession of your car. As long as you repay the loan, you'll be able to drive it the entire time you're repaying. You only face repossession if you default on the loan. Our repayment terms are flexible and adhere to the laws of Texas.

Legal regulations about Texas Title Loans

Texas wants its title loan interest rates capped off at 10%, and we stick to that regulation. We also abide by the legislature's request that people only be allowed to renew a car title loan 5 times total. If you believe you will need longer than that, you probably shouldn't take out one of these loans. Title loans are great loans for people who can repay in 6 months or less. As long as you can do this, you're going to get a very fair term with one of our terms.

Benefits Of Car Title Loans

We've already reviewed some of the benefits of our loans, but let's recap them so you can make up your mind about their advantages.

Biggest perks of title loans

  • You get loan money but keep possession of your car
  • You can be approved the same day you apply
  • You can have cash in your hand by the next day

All in all, these are the biggest benefits of these loans. The interest rates will always be higher than with traditional loans, but when you take into account the quick approval process, the fact that you can get the loan with bad credit and no income check, the additional interest is worth it to most folks. We can even help you with getting a title loan on a second lien car. If you like the benefits you've read, today might be the day that you take control of your financial situation. Our handy loan specialists are standing by ready to help you accomplish your short-term lending goals. Call us now.