Is Your Car Paid Off?

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Most people associate car title loans with fast cash to cover emergencies, and they would be correct for the most part. Since vehicle title loans pay out so quickly, they are ideal for covering the costs of unforeseen emergencies like doctor bills, vet emergencies and last minute dental visits. In addition, a short-term loan can also be useful when changing jobs. Getting a new job is exciting, especially if it comes with an increase in pay. However, switching jobs is often tricky at best. In many instances, you have to wait until you put in your time at the new job, which often means delays between paychecks. At the same time, you still have your regular monthly bills to contend with. So, lots of folks take out a short-term loan like title loans in McAllen to tide them over until they get their first paycheck from the new employer. It’s a smart way to assure your bills are covered. All you need for loan approval is a lien free car title and proof that you meet the minimum age require of 18. We use your vehicle as security for the loan, and you get cash in a day or less.


Fast Loan Approval on Title Loans McAllen

At Texas Approval, we make the extra effort to approve loans quickly after receiving applications. It won’t take several days to learn whether you’re approved. You’ll not only receive loan approval in record time, but you’ll be paid out within 24 hours of applying.


No Credit Checks on Title Loans McAllen

Applying for car title loans in Edinburg does have its advantages over traditional bank loans. Banks rely on credit checks to decide whether an applicant is a good candidate for repaying a loan. If you have blemishes on your credit report and a low credit score, you will more than likely be turned down by a bank. However, getting a title loan in Texas doesn’t require a credit check.

Instead, our vehicle title loans are secured with your car title. In essence, you are pledging your car against the loan, and no credit checks are needed.


Customer Advantages

• Short online application for your convenience.

• Financial help when you really need it.

• No appointments necessary to apply for title loans in Texas.

• You can’t be turned down for a loan because of bad credit or no credit history.

• Customers are free to drive their vehicles anywhere during the loan period.

• You decide how you’ll spend your loan funds.

• Borrowers can pay off their loan early with no complications or fees.

• Convenient loan center store locations.


Our Loan Process

• You can apply using our online Texas title loan application. Simply submit your name, zip code and phone number. We also require a small amount of vehicle information such as the year, make, model, body style and a mileage estimate.

• Review your instant loan estimate shorty after applying online.

• Discuss your loan terms with one of our loan specialists who will call you on the phone. You’ll need to be prepared for the call with the source of your income and your monthly income amount.

• During your loan consultation, you will be presented with several repayment plans to choose from.

• The loan process for title loans in McAllen requires borrowers to read and sign a contract, which meets Texas title loan regulations.

• Lastly, you will need to turn in your vehicle title to finish up the loan process.

• You are free to collect your loan funds.

Get your finances back in order today with fast cash from title loans in McAllen.