Is Your Car Paid Off?

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Tight Times Mean Good Title Loans In Live Oak, TX

Sometimes you just don't know what to do when you have bills to pay that you may not be able to pay. It happens to many people who come across unexpected emergency situations such as car problems, injuries or sickness, and even just normal expenses such as rent that maybe you're unable to pay due to other expenses you had to deal with. But don't lose heart because there are still ways you can tackle these expenses in the short-term until your financial situation improves, and one of these ways is through our title loans in Live Oak, TX program.

Taking out title loans is actually much simpler and even more convenient than taking out a loan from the bank. Instead of having to fill out paper after paper that goes through your financial history and then details how you're going to use the loan and then pay it back, the paperwork for title loans is much shorter and has mostly information you already know about your vehicle. So what are title loans? Basically in title loans, you get a loan for the value of your vehicle and surrender the title as collateral for it. There is an application process that you follow to take out a title loan.

Your Application For Title Loans Live Oak, TX

When you need a title loan in New Braunfels or the general Live Oak area, our pre-approval process will take down your information and give you a quote for how much you qualify for. Then you'll be connected to title loan that's right for you in Live Oak. To find out what the maximum loan amount you'll be eligible for is, you'll need to enter the following:

  • Your vehicle's make and model
  • Your vehicle's year
  • Your vehicle's mileage

The newer your vehicle is and the lower its mileage, the more you'll be eligible for based on the appraisal value. There will be research conducted on the vehicle as well as an inspection to make sure it does in fact meet the specified criteria, but this quote usually will give you a fairly accurate amount based on it being in good condition.

Legally Obtaining Title Loans Live Oak, TX

There usually aren't too many legal obstacles to getting title loans in Live Oak, TX since Texas has some of the fewest laws surrounding title loans. But you do have to make sure you have a government-issued photo ID that shows you are in compliance with the following regulations:

  • You have to be at least 18 years old
  • You must be a permanent Texas resident and have your vehicle kept in Texas
  • You must be able to prove you can repay the title loan

Although your vehicle does have to be kept in Texas, it is not required to be registered in the state of Texas. But you do have to have a Texas title that is completely free of any liens. If you have no outstanding liens on the vehicle but your title still shows they exist, you can take it down to the nearest DMV location and have them eliminate this. You can find other information about Texas state and local laws on this website.

Other Facts About Title Loans

Title loans are not based on credit score or credit history, so you don't have to worry if you've had issues on your credit score or credit report. You can also keep using your vehicle so long as you make your payments, and you can even pay off your title loan early without it affecting your credit score period. If you have any more questions about title loans, feel free to check out our FAQ page.