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Are you interested in solving your temporary money problems? Well, you are in the right place because we can help you get the cash you need. Title Loans Katy are also known as fast cash loans because most people get the cash within hours of applying.

What are Title Loans Katy?

Title Loans Katy are short-term loans that help people like you get the money they need in the shortest time possible and with little to no fuss. Anyone 18 or older can apply as long as they have an income to afford loan payments, and they need a car for collateral. Actually, you can use other vehicles, such as trucks and motorcycles, but you must own it outright. Your vehicle title should be lien-free, and your name should appear as the owner.

Making things even simpler, title lenders have eliminated the credit check part of lending. With credit checks, a loan representative has to go over your credit report to determine if you pay your bills on time, whether you have defaulted on anything and if you are carrying too much debt. Time consuming, and unnecessary. With vehicle collateral, you are securing your own loan so your credit score doesn't matter.

Applying for Title Loans Katy

Whenever you're ready, our online application is available. All you need to provide is a few personal and vehicle details to get a loan quote. The amount is based on the value of your vehicle, which is the blue book value at the time you submit the application. Loan representatives call each applicant right after the loan quote is given to verify all the information and make a loan connection. Our job is to help you stop overpaying for title loans, which means setting you up with a lender near you who makes the best offer for your needs. Once you and the lender finalize your loan, you get to collect your cash.

Under the Law

Texas, like many other states where car title loans are allowed, has measures in place to regulate the industry and protect consumers. State law mandates that lenders hold a state license and not charge more than 10 percent interest. There is no limit on the amount of loans or loan fees, and borrowers get up to 180 days to pay off the loan when the original loan and all renewals are combined.


Money is yours for the taking when you use a car for collateral. Loans are typically approved, processed and handed out in the same day. Part of the reason is that Title Loans Katy don't require a credit check for approval, only collateral. So, if your credit score is low or your credit is awful, you can still be approved.

Don't worry about paying off the loan by the end of your loan term. If you see that making that deadline is impossible, let the lender know. Your loan can be renewed to extend the payback date. In fact, several renewals are possible. Just discuss these options with your lender.

When you get title loan in Missouri City or Katy, it's easier than pawning your belongings. Pawning requires numerous valuable items to get the amount of money you need, while auto equity loans only require your car. They're also a better option than payday loans and cash advances. With those options, you get less money, less time to pay off the loan and higher interest rates.

Did you know you get to keep the car? Instead of finding a ride or taking a bus, you'll get to drive your own car while making loan payments.