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Many people who find themselves in situations that require emergency finances often opt for title loans. You can define a title loan as a short-term loan that requires a car owner to use his or her vehicles as collateral. This implies that it is a secured loan. Secured loans require a property owner to have access to quick loans while the property acts as a security for the loan. Title loans in Irving, Texas ensure that Texas residents have access to affordable title loans for all their emergency financial needs.

Many title loans provided within Irving, Texas are usually for a period on thirty days subject to the loans and policies regarding title loans in the state. Clients repay loans according to the written agreements that exist between the loaning company and their clients and they vary from one company to another. Title loans in Irving are modelled to ensure that loan repayments are suited to our individual client’s needs hence they are more flexible. As more people get access to title loans and enjoy their benefits, there is growing acknowledgement of the importance.


Loan application procedure for title loans Texas

Please follow the simple steps below to access the best rates for title loans in Texas:

i. Fill in the application forms.
Filing in a title loan application form is the first step towards getting title loans in Irving, Texas. Most lenders require applicants to provide them with their car information in the application form. The information include the car's year of manufacture, car model, mileage, and personal contact information. Lenders will process the information provided to come up with loan estimates that an applicant qualifies for. The applicants must also provide proof of being permanent residents of the state of Texas and they must be eighteen years and above for the lender to continue processing the title loan.

ii. Inspection of your car
After the lender is satisfied that the applicant meets the minimum requirements, they then send their loan representatives to examine the vehicle to be used as security for the title loan. The report from such an inspection helps determine the amount of loan an application shall have access to.

iii. The lender provides the money to the applicant
After assessing the inspection report, the lender will determine the loan size that you qualify for and process your cash. A good lender ensures that after a successful inspection, his or her clients have access to title loans as soon as possible, usually less than 24 hours after the inspection.

iv. Get your title back
Immediately after the repayment of title loans, clients should have access to their titles. This should not take long after the lender processes the loan repayment. If you find it a challenge repaying the loan, you can apply for title loan refinance.

Legal requirements that govern car title loans in Carrollton, Texas.
The following legal requirements govern Texas title loan application:


  • Disclosures for fees and interest rates under house bill number 2592, which requires title loan lenders to inform clients of the finance commissions they shall incur.
  • House bill number 2594, which requires that car title lender must have a license and be regulated.
  • The Texas vehicle repossession laws, which allows lenders to repossess vehicles after loan repayment default.
  • The City and Town title loan regulations in Texas, which are specific to certain cities and towns within the state.


Benefits of car title loans

  • Ensures car owners have access to emergence finances.
  • Title loans do not require one to have an impressive credit score.
  • Provides a convenient access to finances hassle free for clients.