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When money problems start, they can quickly snowball unless a solution is found. But, what can you do? If you're lacking a small amount of money, perhaps you can cut back on a few things. Some people let go extra services, like premium cable channels. When big money is needed to solve the problem, you need a bigger solution. Let title loans Texas be the answer to your problems. Even if you only need a small amount of cash to get you over a money hump, auto title loans can help.


Understanding Title Loans Harlingen

Here is how title loans Harlingen work. Apply. Pledge your car for collateral. Give the title certificate to the lender. Accept your cash. Use the money. Pay the bill. Get your title certificate back. Carry on with life. Simple, right? Here's what you need to qualify.

• Be 18 or older.
• Have proof of ID.
• Own the car you're pledging for the loan.
• The collateralized vehicle needs a clear title.
• Have a job or another type of income.

Did you notice that the list of requirements does not include a credit check? Car title loans in Edinburg and Harlingen are awarded because of the car you put up for the loan, not what's in your credit report. Bad credit and bankruptcies are not going to block your credit approval. At least not with us.


How to Get Title Loans Harlingen

You're only a few clicks and taps away from finding out how much money you can get. We've made our online application for title loans Harlingen so simple that you don't even have to type in the type of vehicle you have; just choose from the specs we have listed. Give us your name, contact details and your car's mileage. We'll take a good estimate if you don't have the exact number. Send the application though to us, and you'll get our instant loan quote. You decide if you like the offer and want to proceed. When you're ready to move forward, one of our friendly loan reps will discuss a final loan offer via phone. Because we work quickly, and you need money fast, we do our best to get borrowers their cash in under 24 hours.


State Regulations

Borrowers in Texas get lower interest rates on auto title loans because the state caps it at 10 percent. This is lower than many other states allow. Borrowers also get up to 180 days to pay off a loan when their original 30 day term is combined with up to five renewals. Lenders must be licensed by the state, and they have the legal right of repossession and sale of vehicles that are collateral for defaulted loans.



• Here's why Texas title loans are a good idea; you invest a few minutes filling out a Texas title loan application and a few more minutes with a loan rep, and the money you need is yours. Few applicants wait longer than a day to get the money they apply for.
• Is your credit bad? Well, apply anyway. Bad credit might get your application denied by a banker, but it's not important to a title lender. Every applicant can be approved with cars for collateral.
• What you do with title loan money is your business. We loan you cash, and you pay it back. That's all that matters.
• Compare title loans Harlingen and similar loans, such as a cash advance, and there's no doubt which offers better benefits. Car title loans give borrowers a bigger payout, interest rates are lower, and there's more time available to pay the money back.