Is Your Car Paid Off?

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Title Loans In Groves, Texas

When you take need a title loan in Port Arthur or Groves, Texas, you're going to love what our Texas Approval loans can do for you. They have a fast approval process because we use your car as collateral instead of your income and credit history. Since your car title serves as your guarantee to repay the loan, we can skip over the lengthy application process and go straight to the approval process, handing you a substantial amount of money at one time that you can use in whatever way you see fit. We don't tell you how to spend your loan, only how much you qualify for.


Application For Title Loans In Groves, Texas

The application process for title loans differs from the lengthy process that consumes traditional loan applications. Normally you would have to send in income history, commit to a lengthy credit check, and wait a certain period of time before being approved. All of these things can take an unusually long amount of time. Car title loan applications are a snap.


Basic information about your car

To process your loan, we'll need only basic information about your car and then your contact information so we can get in touch with you about processing your loan. All we need is the make, model, year, and mileage of your car. Then we need your basic contact information like name, phone, and zip code. From this information we'll derive a title loan estimate for you and contact you to make sure you want to proceed with your loan. If you like the estimate you see, all you have to do is talk with one of our helpful loan specialists and agree to your title loan. The necessary papers can be filled out electronically and you can have cash in your hand the next day. That's how easy it is.


Legal regulations about Texas Title Loans

Title loans in Groves are governed by The Texas Fair Lending Alliance and Texas legislature have set serious guidelines about how lenders and borrowers are supposed to conduct title loan business. Lenders have a right to a maximum interest rate (10%) and borrowers have the right to be repaid within a certain length of time. You can only renew a title loan 5 times before it must be repaid in full. That's a maximum repayment term of about 6 months. This doesn't just help the lender, though. The borrower will benefit from repaying sooner so that interest rate payments don't become out of control and make the loan unpayable.


Benefits Of Car Title Loans

Car title loans differ from traditional loans in the length of time it takes to get cash in your hand. Not everyone who needs cash can afford to wait a few weeks while the application is processed. With a car title loan, you have a speedy application and approval process with us that puts cash in your hand in as little as the next day. Barring any major developments, 24 hours is the length of time it will take for you to be approved for a title loan in Groves, Texas. Alongside an easy application process and fast cash in your hand, title loans don't require lengthy income and credit checks. You get cash in your hand without having to be subjected to these measures which take too much time. If you're in a time-sensitive financial crisis, a title loan is the ideal way to line your pockets with money without having to wait for something like a traditional loan to process. If you love what these benefits offer you, contact us today.