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Do you have a payment that just can't wait and you're short on cash for making it? When you have to live paycheck to paycheck, it's already difficult to have money set aside for fun activities let alone emergency situations. Maybe you're faced with a car repair bill, need to pay to keep the electricity on, or even have a student loan payment due you need to meet. If going down to your local bank or credit union is not an option for you, there's still a way you can get your hands on cash that includes paying for college without breaking the bank. That way is a title loan, a loan that just about anyone in the Georgetown or Round Rock area who owns a car can get.

If you've never taken out a non-traditional loan before, you might be wondering just what is a title loan? A vehicle title loan is a way to use your vehicle as collateral in a secured loan and once it's value is appraised, you can take out a cash loan to the maximum amount that the lender is willing to give you for it. Usually this is a percentage of the vehicle's full value.


How You Apply For Title Loans Georgetown

The process for getting a title loan is much simpler than most other loans where you need to file mounds of paperwork and meet with a loan officer. With our title loans in Georgetown, you basically just need to know basic information about your vehicle and have identification that proves you're the owner. The main things to know about your vehicle are its:

  • Year
  • Make
  • Model
  • Mileage

The newer the vehicle and less wear and tear it has on it, the more you'll get for your title loan. You'll get a quote for how much you might get for your vehicle, but that quote may not be the final amount that one of our lenders gives you.


Laws Surrounding Title Loans Georgetown

Before you can receive a title loan, there are regulations you have to be aware of. Car title loans in Texas require that that the borrower be at least 18 years old and own their vehicle free of any liens. This is why before the funds can be released to you, you'll be asked to show a state-issued photo ID and make sure that any errors in your vehicle title are corrected by the DMV. There are other laws you might need to be aware of before you get title loan in Round Rock or its surrounding areas such as selling the vehicle while its title is still being held by the lender. Make sure you've read and understand all agreements and fine print before you sign any documents.


Other Benefits For Getting Title Loans

One of the reasons our title loans in Georgetown are ideal for those who need their money right away is that they're not only quick to apply for, they're also fast letting you know you're approved. While the lender does hold onto your title, you get to keep your vehicle and drive it anywhere you need to go. While there are scheduled dates that you have to make your payments, if you're ready to pay off the title loan in full you may do so and your title will be returned to you. Getting the cash you need doesn't have to be difficult, so if you're ready to contact one of our lenders near you you can get started on our free application today.