Is Your Car Paid Off?

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Using Title Loans In Galena Park, TX For Special Purposes

There is really no telling when you might need to find hidden cash for a payment you need to make either for emergency or special purposes. Sometimes there are easy solutions to a cash shortage such as selling items you don't need or sometimes getting an advance on your paycheck, but when you don't have those options and time is growing short, sometimes taking out a loan is necessary. But this too can be difficult because many banks put restrictions on what you can use a loan for, the amount you can take out, and especially who is eligible for a loan to begin with. But these are things you don't have to worry about with our car title loans in Galena Park, TX.

Your vehicle just actually could be the source of cash you've been looking for without even selling it. You probably don't want to sell it anyway because you need it to commute to work or school, so that's where our title loans come into play. You can take out a secured loan using your vehicle title, the only thing you need to surrender in order to receive your money. But you can keep on driving the vehicle in the meantime. If you're interested in turning your vehicle into money, keep on reading below to find out how to apply for our Galena Park and Houston title loans.

Applying For Title Loans Galena Park, TX Is Simple

It really is not difficult to get a car title loan in the Galena Park or Houston general area. Our application page will take the current information about your vehicle that includes its make, model, year and mileage and give you a quote for an estimated loan amount. You will not get your loan until after your vehicle is evaluated and you fill out the paperwork for the lender. Generally you want to make sure it's no more than 20 years old and has under 150,000 miles to get the best loan value for it, and you can generally take out anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars in loan principal. Once you've completed our initial online application, you'll be given a chance to borrow from one of our title loans lenders near Galena Park.

Know The Laws About Title Loans Galena Park, TX

Title loans in Galena Park are regulated at the state level with some local cities like Houston having a few additional regulations to be aware of. You can find out more about Houston's ordinances at the Texas State Law Library. But two things you will need are documents that prove you're 18 years or older, reside in Texas and own your vehicle outright. Those documents are:

  • State or federal photo ID (Driver's License, military, passport, etc.)
  • The official Texas state title to your vehicle

The title cannot have any liens listed on it, so if you're currently still making payments to the dealer you will not be eligible for a title loan. Your vehicle doesn't have to have a Texas license plate on it, but it does have to be kept within the state.

There Are More Benefits To Texas Car Title Loans

It can be a little uncomfortable to tell someone what you need a loan for, but with car title loans you don't need to put the reason you're applying for them on the paperwork. The paperwork is pretty short and can be done while your vehicle is being appraised, and your approval will only take a matter of minutes to determine. But best of all, title loans have no impact on your credit score when you apply, and you can get one even if your credit score is the lowest possible number. If you have any more questions before you start our application process, visit our FAQ section.