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An overview of Title Loans El Campo

When pressed for cash, many people turn to banks for credit. However, the recent stringent and strict approval process have left many turned down by banks and other lending institutions. Credit scores are also a dark cloud for many people. All is not lost, if you need fast cash, you can get a loan on your vehicle. Title loans are a relief for many in Texas who may not qualify for mainstream loans because of poor credit ratings. A title loan is a credit advance to a borrower where the only security needed is a car title. The borrower is expected to carry a legitimate loan title. Once the lender proves ownership of the car, the cash approval is processed. Title loans are mainly short term loans payable within a period of 30 days or less. However, it is also possible to negotiate for a longer repayment period. The major incentive about title loans in El campo is the fast approval. It is possible for you to have the loan approved on the same day. Again, you can easily apply online. These loans do not have lots of paperwork to be filled.

Sugar Land title loan application

The title loan application will only take a few minutes. All we need is that you fill the form with the following information

  • Your personal information-name, address, and phone number
  • The car mileage
  • The car’s make and year of manufacture.

Once we have reviewed your information, our customer service agents will get back to you within a short period of time. You are also free to ask our agents any questions you may have about title loans in El campo. We will be happy to furnish you with any information to make your loan application process smooth and fast.

Legal regulation on title loans in Texas

Title loans are issued by credit access businesses in Texas. Texas has some of the most lenient and flexible laws when it comes to title loans. Texans will be delighted to note that state laws do not place a cap on the maximum amount that can be advanced to a borrower. The only limitation is a 10 percent interest rate cap. The law does not also prohibit a person from borrowing as many times as they can. The loan repayment can also be done as a single payment or in monthly installments depending on the agreement with the credit lender.

Benefits of title loans in El Campo

Title loans in Texas are hassle free. The lenient laws mean that you do not have to go through a strenuous approval process. If you are going through a financial drawback, you do not need to stress about where you will get the money. In fact, you can have the money on the same day or even in several hours. All you need is to own a car. Title loans also come with less paper work that is often the case with bank loans.

Another major incentive is that you still drive your car. The credit lender will only retain the title. Yes, that’s right, you can pawn your car and still drive it. Title loans in Texas are much cheaper compared to cash advances and pay day loans. Title loans generally charge lower interest rates. Lenders can afford to charge low rates because the risk is lower. In the event that you default, the lender can take ownership and sell the car to claim the money. The quick repayment schedules means that you can repay the loan on the next paycheck. You do not need to extend the loan and incur more interest. Title loans in El Campo are a faster alternative.