Is Your Car Paid Off?

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Are you on a monthly rotating schedule in which one or more of your bills is paid late or not at all? If something gets paid this month, something else has to go unpaid. What an awful way to live. The good news is you don't have to live that way when you apply for low income title loans.

What are Title Loans Dumas?

Title Loans Dumas are exactly what the name implies, which is money given out on the basis of a car title. If that sounds too simplistic or like there should be more to it, try not to overthink things. Years ago, title lenders realized that traditional lending was too complicated and excluded large numbers of people who really needed help. So, a new formula was developed that would level the lending field to allow everyone a chance at loan approval. Borrowers would use their cars for collateral, which meant they were taking on the risk of the loan. Lenders had nothing to lose, which is why they decided to skip credit checks. With no credit check, even those with bad credit can be approved.

Here's how it works. First, make sure you qualify. Applicants need to be at least 18 and have some type of income; whether it's a job or another source is up to you. A car, truck, motorcycle or other type of vehicle is the main requirement. You need to own it, your name should be on the title, and that title should be lien-free. Second, apply for the loan and expect to get it.

Applying for Title Loans Dumas

With our application available 24 hours a day online, there is no limit to when and where a person can apply for title Loans Dumas. How great is it to have that type of convenience? Imagine being up late, going over the bills and realizing that you don't have enough cash. Instead of planning to be the first person at the loan office when it opens, you can apply for financial help immediately. Your application gets the ball rolling, which means you could get the money much sooner than you would by waiting to apply in person.

The application for title Loans Dumas only requires a few personal and vehicle details. Submit it, and a Texas Approval representative calls you to verify your information and put you in touch with a lender in your area that can give you a loan to meet your needs. Because we work with multiple title lenders, we can narrow down your search so you get the best offer. Once connected with the lender, expect processing the loan to move quickly. Any questions you have are answered at this time, and you get an opportunity to give more information about your income and the condition of your car. Processing is streamlined to be efficient and put money in your hands fast. We're talking less than a day to apply and get your cash.

Legal Guidelines

  • Loan terms are 30 days.
  • Loans are renewable up to five times.
  • Lenders need a state license.
  • No limit on loan amounts or loan fees.
  • Lenders may repossess collateralized vehicles when a loan is not repaid.


  • Simple applications available 24 hours a day online.
  • Bad credit is okay for loans based on your car title in Amarillo and Dumas.
  • Rapid processing.
  • Get the money you need in less than 24 hours.
  • Renew your loan when you need more time to repay the debt.
  • Lower interest charges and bigger payouts than cash advances and payday loans.
  • Keep your car.
  • Easier than pawning your belongings.
  • You can always call us if you need any help.