Is Your Car Paid Off?

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Facing economic hardship is one of the most stressful events in life, especially if you don't have a friend or family member with available cash to help you overcome the problem. Applying at your bank might be an option if your credit is good enough, but many people fall below the threshold of credit worthiness. What are the options when you fall into that category? In the past, those with bad credit were just out of luck. Now, they have the option of fast cash loans.


Have You Heard of Title Loans Cedar Hill?

If you want to learn more about title loans, read on. Title loans Cedar Hill are short-term alternatives to a bank loan. Mainstream lenders want you to have a solid credit score to qualify as credit worthy. Title lenders ask you to put up a car or other vehicle as loan collateral. Without the need to run credit checks on applicants, title lenders can approve more loans. If you have bad credit, wouldn't you love to apply for a loan and be approved without a hassle about your payment history? That's what happens every day when you get title loan in Arlington and Cedar Hill.

Before you apply for an auto title loan, make sure you meet all the qualifications. First, the car you put up against the loan needs a clear title and should be your personal property. Second, you need to be at least 18 years old. Third, you need a job or an income so that you can afford to make your loan payments. If you have questions about title loans, we'll gladly answer them for you.


How Do I Apply for Title Loans Cedar Hill?

We've made our online application for title loans Cedar Hill so simple that you only need to choose some of your answers. Click through the vehicle specification options to find your car. Add the mileage, your name and contact info, and submit. How simple is that? The application only takes minutes, and we'll send you an instant loan quote immediately after we get it. One our agents gives you a follow up call to see if you're interested in the loan, and to proceed with processing if you are. During our call, we complete the entire process, which includes answering your questions and setting up a payment schedule. In no time at all, you'll be ready to receive your cash.


Legal Regulations

• Loan terms are 30 days. Loans may be renewed up to five times.
• Lenders should hold a state license.
• Interest is capped at 10 percent.
• No cap on loan amounts or loan fees.
• Loans in default are subject to vehicle repossession and sale.



• Convenient
If you're ready to apply for title loans Cedar Hill right now, the application is ready and waiting. Nights, weekends, holidays or any other time that's right for you is fine with us. Our online application means you are in control.
• Effective
An automobile as collateral is basically all you need. Do you have bad credit? It doesn't matter. Collateral secures the loan, so if you have a car to pledge, get ready to get some cash.
• Fast
Why wait for a mainstream loan officer to review your payment history and decide if you deserve credit? That can take days or weeks. With auto title loans, it's rare to wait longer than a day to get the money. In fact, most people's loan packages are processed in hours.
• Considerate
We let you keep the car. No buses, cabs or catching rides with friends. Your mobility and routine remains intact.