Is Your Car Paid Off?

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Is a lack of financial stability stressing you out? Are you worried that your lights or water services may be cut because you didn't pay the bill? Maybe it's the rent of your mortgage that won't get paid, and you fear being evicted. Well, put those worries aside because help is available. Many Carrollton residents use auto title loans every day to get additional cash. You can too, and don't worry if your credit isn't perfect. Title lenders aren't concerned about your payment history because you'll use collateral to get the loan.

What are Title Loans Carrollton?

If you're wondering why Texas title loans are a good idea, consider going through the traditional loan experience with a low credit score. Does the word denial come to mind? It should because mainstream lenders don't usually loan money to those with bad credit. But, you won't hear the word denial with title loans Carrollton. Our loans allow you to use your vehicle as collateral, which means your credit score doesn't need to play a part in our decision. Your car, truck or motorcycle has enough value to secure the loan, so you can be approved with bad credit.

Eighteen is the minimum age allowed for applicants, and you need a job or an income of some sort to get the loan. Collateral vehicles need clear titles and must be owned by applicants. When you get the loan, we'll let you keep the car. All we hold on to is the title certificate, but we give that back when the debt is repaid.

How to Apply for Title Loans Carrollton

Only you can hinder the money you need from making into your hands. If you don't apply for title loans Carrollton, you can't be approved. It's that simple. Know what else is simple? Our entire auto title loan process. Apply now, and get the ball rolling. Tell us the type of vehicle you have, your name and how to get in touch with you. Vehicle details such as make and model allow us to assess your car's value, which is what your loan amount is based on. A loan offer estimate comes to you as soon as your application comes to us. Then, it's just a matter of a short phone call to work out the final loan package, you signing a loan agreement, and you taking the cash.

Legal Guidelines

Title lenders must be licensed through the state. There is no cap on loan amounts or loan fees, but the state limits interest charges to 10 percent. Borrowers can renew loans up to five times. Each loan term is 30 days, so with the original term and five renewals, borrowers get up to 180 days to repay the debt.


• Why go through a lengthy standard loan process when you can apply for title loans Carrollton and be in processing in under an hour?
• Get your money the same day you apply for Texas title loans online, or go a traditional route and wait days or weeks to find out if your loan is approved.
• Why suffer the potential rejection that comes with having bad credit? Texas title loan lenders don't use credit reports the way mainstream institutions uses them. We rely on your car as collateral, which means anyone can get a loan, even when their credit score isn't that good.
• Among short-term lenders, those offering Carrolton and Irving car title loan cash tend to stand out. We offer higher loan amounts, give you more time to pay us back, and we typically have lower interest rates.
• You get to renew your loan when you need more time to pay us back.