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Every few months it seems that one of the lottery jackpots soars so high that people stand in long lines to get tickets. Everyone who plays wants to win, of course, but we all know that's not likely to happen. While it would be wonderful to win and have so much money you never lack anything again, you need a realistic solution to your current money problems. You need a way to get a little extra cash to help you catch up on some past due bills, put a few groceries in the pantry and maybe have a little left over to buy yourself a little treat. The answer you're searching for could be title loans Burkburnett. Since you've arrived at our site, you must have at least heard about auto title loans. Or, maybe you ended up here accidentally but want to know what are car title loans. Either way, we have good news for you; getting the money you need is as simple as looking in your driveway. Your car has tremendous value, which you can use to leverage a loan. Just use the vehicle as loan collateral. There's no credit check with auto title loans because the vehicle is enough security by itself. That means you can have bad credit and get a loan. Qualifying for Title Loans in Burkburnett, TX

  • Be at least 18
  • Own the vehicle used as collateral
  • Vehicle needs a lien-free title
  • Have a job or another type of income

Applying for Title Loans in Burkburnett

Knowing how simple it is to get an auto title loan makes it even easier to decide to apply. Because we've pared it down to just the basics, you can finish it and submit in mere minutes. When we get your application, we send you a title loan estimate in Wichita Falls or Burkburnett, depending on which community you live. Then, we call you to verify everything. It's important to make sure everything is correct so that you get the best loan available to you. After verification, we match you with the right lender. You need someone to give you the loan that will meet your current financial needs, and that's how we help the most. Once you and the lender work out a final loan package, you get the money. That could be within a 24 hour or less period of you applying.

Legal Guidelines for Title Loans

Texas requires lenders to be licensed and limits interest rates to 10 percent. There is no state imposed limit on loan amounts or lender fees. Borrowers get a 30 day loan term and up to five renewals. That gives a borrower 180 total days to pay off title loans in Burkburnett, TX. Borrowers who do not repay their loan could face vehicle repossession.


  • Short and easy applications available online 24 hours a day so that you get to complete it when it fits your schedule.
  • Rapid processing allows the majority of borrowers to get their loan money in less than a day.
  • No credit check means it doesn't matter if your credit is good or bad. Everyone with vehicle collateral can get title loans Burkburnett.
  • When you need more time to pay off the loan, you get to renew it up to five times. That's up to 180 days to get your loan repaid.
  • Get a better deal with auto title loans than other types of short-term lending, such as a cash advance. That's because interest rates are lower, payouts are bigger and you get that extra time you need to pay off the loan.
  • Your car stays with you while you pay off the auto title loan debt.

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