Is Your Car Paid Off?

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Once you get behind on a few bills, it can be difficult to catch up on your own. Having good friends or loved ones with the resources and willingness to help you financially is great, but most people don't have that option. Since the majority of Americans live paycheck to paycheck, those close to you are probably doing just enough to eke out a living. So, where can you turn when you are in need of money? One of the easiest ways to get the cash you need is through a car title loan Texas.


What are Title Loans Bedford?

Borrowing money is not a new concept, but title loans Bedford offer a different process than the traditional model. Unlike standard lending, auto title loans are simple, streamlined and fast. Most applicants know right away if they qualify, and they typically get the money the same day of their application.

To qualify, you need to be 18 or older and have a job or another type of income. You need a car, truck or other vehicle to use as loan collateral. Its title should be lien-free, and you must be the vehicle owner. You'll need to let us hold the title certificate while the loan is active, but if you can't locate the original title, it's easy to get a replacement. Just contact the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles online or in person about a duplicate Texas title application. Now, here's the best part of the process of getting the money you need; you can have bad credit and still get the loan. Title lenders choose to let your vehicle collateral secure the loan so there is no need to check your credit.


Applying for Title Loans Bedford

Applying for title loans McKinney is easy because of our online application and secure website. Just provide us your name and contact details, and choose your vehicle from among the listed makes, models and years manufactured. Throw in the mileage, and you're about done. Submit it, and wait for an instant loan offer. Right after that, one of our loan representatives calls you to finalize the loan. You could have the cash within hours of applying. Everything moves quickly because we don't want to waste your time, and the sooner we wrap up your loan, the sooner we can get to work helping another customer in need of money.


  • Applying in just minutes, and get title loan estimate instantly.
  • Online applications give you the option to apply anytime and from any place that works for you. If that's on a lunch break or in the middle of the night, that's fine with us. Our online system is set up to provide you instant feedback, and we're always available to get your loan approved and dispersed.
  • Who needs a credit check when you have vehicle collateral? We don't. If you're one of those people with a weak credit score, and you're tire of being rejected by other lenders, you can get the help you need with title loans Bedford.
  • Get a bigger loan amount with auto title loans than you will with cash advances and payday loans. Those funding options base the amount on your paycheck, but a title loan in Bedford is based on the value of your car.