Is Your Car Paid Off?

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Natural disasters ruin homes and property and finances. Even with insurance, you will have out-of-pocket expenses. Sometimes insurance just doesn't cover enough, or the insurance company finds a way to deny a claim. Whether it's Mother Nature or some other issue that's putting you in a financial bind, help is available through Texas title loan relief.

What are Title Loans Allen?

Title loans Allen are your easy solution to a temporary money problem. They are basically bad credit title loans in Texas. With loan terms around 30 days, you can get the loan to handle your business, pay it back quickly, and get back to your normal life. Here's what you need to qualify. • Be 18 or older • Have a job or another income stream • Own the vehicle used as collateral. The vehicle needs a clear title. Did you notice that a credit check is not among the requirements to get Texas title loans? That's because credit checks are for lenders who need to figure out if you are credit worthy. Title lenders believe anyone willing to pledge their car as loan collateral is worthy to get the money.

Applying for Title Loans Allen

Do you find filling out applications to be tedious and a waste of time when the application asks for unnecessary information? Most people do, so you're not alone. Fortunately, our online application for title loans Allen only requires the what we need to know. You'll give us your name and a few ways to get in touch with you, as well as the make, model, year and mileage of your vehicle. Send that through to us so we can send you an instant loan quote. Right after that, one of our friendly representatives calls you to work out the particulars of a final loan package. During this processing stage, feel free to ask any questions so that you fully understand the loan you're accepting. When we're done, which is hours or less after you apply, you take the cash.

State Regulations

Ten percent interest is the max allowed in Texas, which is much lower than many other states. Borrowers get a 30 day loan term and up to five renewals, which gives them 180 days payback time. Loan amounts are based on the value of the vehicle, but the state does not limit loan amounts. Loan fees are also not limited. Lenders should hold a state license.


Cash is available to you right away with title loans Allen. No lengthy Allen or McKinney title loan application or processing times to slow you down, and there isn't even a credit check to stand in your way. Anyone can get an auto title loan by having an auto to use as collateral, so don't worry about having bad credit. It's not important. What is important is getting the money you need when in financial distress. You'll probably get the cash within hours of applying. Flexible payoff dates are available if you need them. Instead of worry that you won't be able to pay off the loan by the end of your original term, talk to us about extending the loan through a renewal. Cars are for collateral and for driving, which is why we let you keep yours. Even though you put it up against a loan, you can keep using it as you normally would. All we require is the title certificate. Car title loans are a better option than other similar loans, such as a cash advance. That's because with title loans, you get a bigger payout, you get longer to pay them back, and interest rates are typically lower.

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