Is Your Car Paid Off?

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Time away from work is wonderful when it's a vacation, but being away because the job ends is an entirely different issue. While some find a new job quickly, many others are out of work for months. Whether it's a layoff, a firing or the entire business closes its doors, being out of work is at the very least a challenge. The longer you're out of work, the bigger a problem it becomes. Money is the main issue, of course. If you don't work, you don't get paid, which means you have no income to pay for food, electricity or water, much less rent or a mortgage. And, you can forget having the funds to treat yourself to something nice.

How to Get a Title Loan without a Job

The solution is to get back to work, but in the meantime, you need cash to afford to live. Making a budget can help. Of course, some people are out of work by choice or necessity. Maybe you're retired or get a disability check but find that you still don't have enough money for what you need and want. Whatever situation you find yourself in, it's one that has you constantly looking for a new source of cash. Believe it or not, there are funding options for those who don't work.

Potential Cash Sources

Money trees don't exist, cash won't fall from the sky to land in your lap, and you probably won't win the lottery. While it's nice to dream about those things happening, you must be realistic. Instead of hoping for a windfall, you should consider your viable options. Can you go to a friend or relative for a loan? Sometimes that's an option, but do you have a friend with enough money to cover all your obligations? With so many people struggling these days, it's not something to count on. What about a bank loan? Maybe, if your credit is good enough. But, with unemployment and a loss of income, it's not hard to imagine that a few bills have been paid late. That can wreck your credit score, which means banks aren't likely to approve your loan application. There are alternative options, such as pawn shops, payday loans, cash advances and auto title loans. Of these four, title loans may be your best option for fast cash.

Consider Title Loans

Just because you're unemployed doesn't mean you don't deserve financial help. Every day of the year, thousands just like you search for and find Texas title loans for unemployed people. Most lenders wouldn't extend any form of credit to an unemployed person, but title lenders want to help. We understand that being unemployed doesn't mean you can't make good on a loan debt, and we're willing to give you a chance to prove us right. Are you wondering what the deal is with Texas car equity loans? That's understandable. After all, what financial institution is willing to offer loans to people with no job and low income? That might seem odd, but not when you consider how Texas title loans for unemployed individuals work. First, you need to understand that this is not the same type of funding you'll get at a bank. Second, you need to know that you when you meet our simple qualifications, you'll get the loan.

Loan Requirements

What are the requirements for low income Texas title loans? All applicants need to be legally old enough to apply, which is 18 and above. A vehicle with a clear title is required. Cars, trucks, SUVs and motorcycles all work as long as the applicant is the owner. You also need an income. Whoa! That can't be right, can it? Unemployed with an income? How does that help, you ask. Well, unemployed just means you don't have a job. You could be retired, on a pension, disable or get alimony. And, for those who are temporarily out of a work, there is unemployment compensation. You just need some type of income so that you can afford to make your loan payments. Good news! Texas title loans for unemployed people don't require a credit check for approval. When you apply for help at a bank and other types of financial institutions, they run your credit to see if you deserve a loan. A few late payments here or there, a charge-off or two and anything else negative means you can kiss those options good-bye. If you're looking for financial help when you're down on your luck, you need Texas bad credit title loans. No matter how low your credit score, you can use your car as collateral to be approved for a fast cash loan.

Loans for Unemployed Applications

By now you can see how easy it is to put cash in your pocket when you choose the right option. All you need to get started is to complete a Texas online car title loan application. Select the make, model, style and year of your car. Add the mileage, your name, email, zip code and phone number. Tap the submit button, and you're on the way to getting the money you need. We can't make it any simpler. Because it's an online application, you can complete it 24/7 from any location you choose. After the application makes it to us, we get in touch with you by phone to discuss the loan. Making sure all the details of your application are correct is a priority because the information you provide about your car is how we determine its value. Loan amounts are based on the value of vehicles used as collateral, so we need to make sure our assessment is correct. Not working, your bank account needs as much of a cash infusion as possible, which means you want the highest loan amount possible. We can only do that when we correctly assess your car's value. After we've verified your vehicle and all other information, we connect you to a lender in our network. Because we work with alternative financial industry leaders, we can match you with the lender who will make the best offer for you.

Advantages of Texas Title Loans for Unemployed People

When you are unemployed, budgeting can be a challenge because your income is limited. What's not limited is your ability to get more money to beef up your bank account. Title lenders are in the business of helping people in situations like yours, and they do it every day in Texas. One of the advantages of auto title loans is the applicant's ability to use their vehicle as collateral. Because a car secures the loan, lenders don't need to run a credit check. If you've ever had a low credit score, you know how hard it can be to get a lender to approve your application. Well, with title loans, every application, regardless of the borrower's credit history, is approved when collateral is involved. Another advantage of title loans is how quickly everything progresses. You only need a few minutes to complete the application. Discussing the loan with one of our representatives is quick, and when you finalize the deal with your lender, that also happens fast. Getting loan money the same day you apply is a very real possibility. In other words, you need money right away, and that's what you get.

Title Loan Laws in Texas

If you are looking for title loan relief, you have come to the right place. Texas Approval can get you the help you need. When we lend money to our customers, one of the most important things for us to do is abide by Texas title regulations. We work diligently to provide loans that are transparent and fair. This is how we work to protect your rights throughout your Texas title loan process. Here is our guarantee to you.
  1. According to loan regulations in Texas, we must provide you with a written title loan contract. Before you sign a contract, a loan representative will review the application with you. There will be no surprises after you sign a loan contract.
  2. Our APR rates comply with the regulations set forth by Texas legislators. Our loan offers do not exceed the average annual percentage rates in Texas.
  3. We do not charge hidden or excessive fees. You will know about any fees before you sign a loan contract.
At Texas Approval, our title lenders are committed to giving our customers access to affordable loans. Complete a loan application today.