Is Your Car Paid Off?

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Circumstances change, and sometimes it puts you in a financial bind. Imagine having a great job with a great paycheck and losing it suddenly. Maybe the company laid you off or shut its doors, or maybe you got fired. Does it really matter how it happened? No. The main issue is that you are now out of work and need to get a new job quickly. In the meantime, you'll need to cut expenses and perhaps get a little extra cash to help you during this transition time. Or, you can try something different. When you need money, you really need a title loan in Lubbock or Plainview.


What are Title Loans Plainview?

If you're unsure about auto equity loans because it's a foreign concept to you, don't be. You can learn more about title Loans Plainview by reading the next few sentences. First, you need to be 18 to apply, and you need to be employed or have some type of income so that you can afford to make loan payments. Second, you need a car, truck, motorcycle or other vehicle to put up against the loan. The vehicle needs to be your personal property and have your name on the title, and the title certificate should be lien-free. While your loan is active, the lender holds the title and returns it when the loan is repaid. Third, credit checks don't influence auto title loan decisions. You can have bad credit or a bankruptcy and still be approved.


Applying for Title Loans Plainview

Our application for title Loans Plainview is about as simple as can be. You only need to tell us your name and contact information, give us the specs on your vehicle and add in the mileage. With that, we can get a quick vehicle value and make a loan offer. We'll call you soon afterwards to talk specifics. During our brief chat, you can tell us more about your income and the condition of your car so that we know we assessed the correct value. This is when you get your questions answered and set up a payment plan. Processing is very efficient because we want to get the money into your hands as soon as possible. You could have it within hours of applying.


State Regulations

  • Loan terms are for 30 days, and loan can be renewed up to five times.
  • Maximum interest is 10 percent.
  • There are no state limits on loan amounts or loan fees.
  • Borrowers who don't pay their debt are subject to vehicle forfeiture.



Money is in your hands quickly. With title Loans Plainview, you just complete a short application and work with a loan representative to finalize things. Our process is streamlined for maximum efficiency, which means you could get the loan money in less than 24 hours.

There is no credit check standing in your way of getting money. You may have been rejected time and again by other lenders because you didn't meet their criteria for credit worthiness, but title lenders have a more open policy. We allow you to claim hidden cash you already have, meaning you get to use the equity in your vehicle as collateral. Your credit score doesn't matter to us, so if you have bad credit, apply and expect to be approved.

Loan renewals are a great benefit when you haven't quite worked out your financial troubles. With a loan payoff date looming, you can become quite stressed about not being able to pay your debt and potentially losing your collateral. Well, let that worry fall away because with loan renewals, you get another loan term to pay off the debt.