Is Your Car Paid Off?

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Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you needed to borrow money for something important? That situation could be anything such as needing to repair plumbing or electricity in your home, buying groceries when you're short on cash, or maybe you just want to be able to give someone a special birthday party. Times can be tough when you need to borrow money, but they can be even harder when you don't know where to go to do it. But if you're a Texas resident, you do have another option to borrow money that is quick and has little hassle. You can get title loan in Georgetown or the surrounding areas.

A title loan is a great option because it's nothing like a bank loan. Instead of having to go down to a big bank and meet with a bank official who will ask you all kinds of questions about your financial background and may not even be willing to lend you a small dollar amount, you can apply for one of our title loans in Leander. Our application process begins online and is very simple to fill out. You can learn more about title loans below.


Steps To Applying For Title Loans Leander

To get a title loan, you first need to know how much your vehicle can qualify for. Our fields are where you need to enter the following information about the vehicle:

  • Year
  • Make
  • Model
  • Mileage

Once you enter that information and your contact email and phone number, you'll be given an estimate for how much you can get for a vehicle in perfect condition. But to complete the process of taking out the loan you'll need to bring your title down to the title loan office and fill in the paperwork that states you understand when payments are due and the APR that comes with your loan. Once you've done this and your vehicle passes inspection, you'll be approved for the title loan and receive your funds shortly.


Applicable Laws For Title Loans Leander

Title loans in Leander do have criteria that you have to meet to legally apply for them. You first have to be 18 years of age with legal Texas residency, and your vehicle has to not have any current liens listed on the title. You will need to bring a valid government-issued photo ID such as a driver's license, passport or other acceptable ID. Student IDs are not acceptable. It also may help to bring along one other document such as a paycheck stub or utility bill to prove your residency and ability to repay the title loan. You may also want to look up local ordinances and federal laws about the interest rates and ability to repay to make sure the lender's terms comply with them.


Other Reasons You Might Benefit From A Title Loan

One of the reasons vehicle title loans are a great secured loan is that the only thing you need to surrender is the vehicle title and not the vehicle itself. So whether you need to keep driving back and forth to work, school or even drive on a vacation, you can keep using it while you make your payments. Once you finish paying off your title loan you'll get your title back and restored to your name. You also won't have to worry about credit checks and credit reports affecting your being accepted for a title loan because even those with bad credit can get one. If you have other questions about title loans that you need answered, you can visit our FAQ section.