Is Your Car Paid Off?

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When you have a financial situation that needs some help, you've probably seen a lot of ads for loans that you've tried to get but have failed. Many traditional lenders such as banks and even credit unions limit who they lend money too, especially if the potential borrower has had bad credit history or trouble with ChexSystems. There are a lot more options online for emergency loans if you can't get a traditional loan, but even these loans can have barriers around them such as credit score requirements, income requirements and other restrictions that you won't find in applying for title loans in Baytown.

So what are Texas car title loans? Our title loans here on Texas Approval are secured loans that nearly anyone who owns a vehicle can be approved for. Basically the more your vehicle is worth, the higher the loan you'll be able to take out against it by giving your vehicle title to one of our lenders. Unlike most unsecured loans that need credit checks or other heavy inquiries on your finances, title loans don't need this information from you to approve you. They just have some very simple questions as part of the application process.


Application Process For Title Loans Baytown

Applying for your title loans starts by entering the fields on our website to find out how much you could qualify for. Keep in mind the loan amount quote on our website may not the final amount because the lender needs to verify your vehicle's appraised value and make sure it qualifies for the loan amount you need. The information you'll need to provide to us includes:

  • Vehicle make
  • Vehicle model
  • Vehicle year
  • Vehicle mileage

You'll also want to make sure to provide us with accurate contact information so we can connect you to a local Houston lender.


What You Will Need To Legally Obtain Title Loans Baytown

To get title loan in Houston or the general Baytown area, the lender will need to verify your identity and make sure the vehicle is yours. You will need to have a government-issued photo ID which can be a driver's license but doesn't have to be. Your title needs to show that you have complete ownership and must have no liens written in it. If you notice any liens still listed that are outdated, you'll need to take it down to your local DMV center to make sure they are removed. And you may also need to bring your vehicle to the lender's store to have your vehicle inspected before you're approved for title loans in Baytown.


Other Reasons Title Loans Are A Great Option

Unlike most other loans that could take days or sometimes even weeks before you receive the funds, you could get approved for our Texas title loans instantly. Usually applicants who are approved receive their funds within 24 hours and can immediately use them to pay down their emergency expenses. You don't even have to have a checking account in order to receive your title loan funds; you can receive your title loan in cash. You also don't have to give up your vehicle while holding a title loan, you just simply give up the title and you'll receive it back once your loan has been repaid in full.

Most title loans are paid off monthly, but keep in mind is that different title loan lenders have different payment schedules and interest rates, so make sure you read through all of your agreement before signing the documents. Most lenders do offer some form of flexible payment option in the event you don't quite have the amount that's due. For more info about title loans in Texas, visit our FAQ page.